Why We Gather Part 3: Worship

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I really appreciated the definition of worship from the guys at Austin Stone church:

Biblical worship is the full-life response-head, heart, and hands- to who God is and what He has done. @asworship

The totality of worship in the life of our churches must reach beyond Sunday and become part of who we are as a community and as individuals be what we live.  With that said, I want to look at the aspect of a life of worship that demonstrates itself as we gather in song.

Go to church to continue, not begin, worshipping. @PJ Smyth

A Musical People

Whatever church you’ve grown up in, whether traditional or contemporary, singing is one of the staples to those church gatherings around the world.  Even in the early church in the New Testament we see those communities coming together and “addressing one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, making melody to the Lord…”.  The church has always been a musical people (debatable at times).

But I’m Tone Deaf

I’m by no means musical or have any kind of rhythm. My wife thinks I might actually be tone deaf.  I’ve literally had people stand next to me in worship at church and say “It’s hard for me to concentrate, ’cause you sing so off-key”.   Not all of us are “musical” per se, but we can all worship when we gather together.  That’s one of the beauties of the gospel demonstrated: imperfect people coming together, not all on-key perhaps, but drawn together by the grace of God, expressing their worship.   A few Sundays back, it was a beautiful sight as I watched a deaf person reading the words and signing with her hands.  She wasn’t singing but what she was doing was participating in a public expression of worship.  Worship in song on Sundays is our family’s public declaration and demonstration to the King we serve.


Our culture is very individualistic, and we can make worship about ourselves.  What I like. What I don’t like.  What I experienced.  What I got out of it.  But when we gather to worship it isn’t about me, but about us.  I heard my friend @Rhys Scott say,  “we individually have a relationship with God but we corporately do as well.”    When we gather, we put aside our song preferences and declare who God is and what that means for us as we come with hearts full of thanksgiving together! In the next post I want to look at the ways we express worship as we gather…