Why We Did A Survey


In the past few weeks we have been collecting, reading through and following up on the results of a survey we sent out to our ACF family. Over the past weeks I’ve had a few people ask me, “Why are we doing a survey?”.


As we’ve grown in numbers rapidly over the last eight months we’ve had to change some of our methods, add people to teams and start some new ones.  As exciting as these seasons are, we wanted to use the survey as one tool to ensure we are gathering disciples and not just a crowd, planting vision and values in people not just preaching at them.


The survey was divided into 4 parts after a section that was general information. We wanted the survey to help us assess how well we were communicating and reproducing our values and vision.  So we broke up the 50 questions to fit under one of our 4 values: TruthAbidingCommunity, and Mission.

Under truth we had questions about our teaching and preaching, how biblically based people felt our songs and community to be. The abiding section allowed people to share how they were doing and if they felt we were providing challenge and the resources to dive deeper in their relationship with Christ. We had a a lot of questions about how well our community was maintaining the feel of family and this section gave our people the space to share how well they were welcomed and plugged into our community groups. The mission piece allowed us to see everything from how much personal evangelism is going on to opening it up for ideas and creative ways we can reach out to the community.


To be honest, I put off the survey for a few months (and by put off I mean not take my wife’s amazing suggestion to do one), because I was scared.  I was scared that we might be off in some areas, I was scared I might see criticism of the way we’ve changed some of our methods.  It was the classic, not opening your credit card bill cause you’re afraid of what you spent on vacation or Christmas.   But not knowing doesn’t change the reality, ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s being a poor steward and it holds us back from moving forward.


analyze_thumbAs we’ve begun combing through the results, it’s really helped the leadership team care better pastorally for the people, see any gaps in the transfer of values, and be encouraged by people’s love for the church family and passion for Jesus!

As we continue to grow, surveys are just one measuring tool we’ll continue to use to see where we’re at in relation to the New Testament model of church and the vision God has given the leadership team at ACF.


SurveyMonkeyWe used Survey Monkey’s program to run this survey that came with apps for your browser, iphone and ipad.