I Came Back

Photo Credit: Bradley Castaneda

Four Months Ago

After four months of taking a break from Facebook, Twitter and the blog world, I’ve decided to come back. I can hear a few of you saying right now, “we knew you’d come back, everyone comes back”.  But please first hear my story and the social media enlightenment I’ve found.

It had me

Towards the end of last year I found myself frustrated with social media and at times it felt out of control.  From trying to keep up with messages that were coming into my private messages on FB, Twitter and email, to easily losing track and forgetting about messages all together.  At times I even felt it had me; that Facebook was using me as a tool rather than me being able to us it as a tool.  Social media wanted me to constantly have my thumb to the screen, eager to see pictures of cats playing the piano and watching every new viral video coming out.

At times I even felt it had me; that Facebook was using me as a tool rather than me being able to use it as a tool.


A few months in, I came to the conclusion: if I was going to go back on then I needed a plan, a vision for how I was to use social media as a tool.  In the last 5 years, I’ve found that intentionality (as long as it doesn’t fall into legalism) is one of the greatest means to accomplishing vision.   Whether that be in building community in our church with intent and vision, or at home spending intentional time building strong relationships with my wife and kids.  As corny as it sounds, living life on purpose or intentionally living.

Intentionality is one of the greatest means to accomplishing vision.



As I return to the white and blue news feed I’m setting out to use Facebook, Twitter and my new blog to:

1. Multiply the message of the good news of hope found in Jesus!

2. Multiply quality disciples, leaders and fathers.

3. Multiply great resources from others.

I don’t do this because I think I’m something special but out of a humble conviction that we all have something to give, however small or great.  I pray that many will be encouraged, blessed and challenged!  Enjoy.